About RePixelated Technologies™

RePixelated Technologies is a value-based company started in the city of Albuquerque, NM in 2016. We base all of our business decisions on our Customers first, and have no plans to join the stock market in an effort to keep that focus.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our Customers with the highest quality services and products, with matching customer service and fair pricing. Our mission also includes changing our industries for the better by adhering to our values.

Our values and beliefs

Our values and beliefs are what drive our mission.

The Customer always comes first

There is just no other way to say it. The Customer comes first in all decisions. Fair pricing helps lure customers to us, and we hope that our outstanding customer service and the results keep them coming back for more.

We will operate with integrity

We value integrity, and we intend to keep and hold your trust in us and our products.

We believe in open source software

While RePixelated Technologies hopes to provide our own custom, proprietary software, we understand that open source software allows easier customizations by dedicated individuals, and we want to support that. Should RP Tech release such software, we intend to have two versions, a base open source version, and a more controlled proprietary version, depending on the software in question.

However, we also understand that while open source is much better for the community, we as a company must also keep certain proprietary software proprietary. Because of this, we may occasionally not support open source for select projects.

We believe in hardware standards

Unlike certain bigger brands, we believe that if there are hardware standards for a device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.), we should not create a new hardware component unless it has the potential to create a new standard. Why should we make things harder for you, our customer?