Our Services and Divisions

RePixelated Technologies™ offers a range of services to help you achieve your goals. Take a look below and see what our team can do for you!

Digital Simplicity™ (RP Tech Service)

Digital Simplicity is a new service from RP Tech! We offer support and consultation to businesses that want to take advantage of new technologies and see how we can help them become more efficient. This service was born from one of our existing Customers expressing his desire for such a service.

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RePixelated™ (Web services division)

RePixelated, our flagship division and service, focuses on Web Services, specializing in Web and App Design. We offer Consultations and Continuing Service Agreements, so be sure to see what our digital team can do for you!

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Renstall Wireless™ (Android rooting and mods division) [Suspended]


Renstall Wireless is our second division that focuses on Android roots, ROMs, and other modifications. Although the division is currently suspended, we have reserved some of our team to assist with any new requests as we attempt to rebrand and retool the service to better assist you.

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RePixelated Arts™ (Game publishing and development division)


RePixelated Arts is a division we are still working with. RP Arts will offer publishing services and develop its own games. RP Arts does not plan on joining the “console wars” anytime soon, so we can focus on making great games for you to enjoy.

RePixelated Arts is coming soon, and you can learn more on our News page!

We look forward to serving you in other ways

RePixelated Technologies is always looking to expand our offering to better suit our Customers. Keep an eye out for exciting changes to existing services or the occasional new division as well.

Thank you for taking the time to explore RePixelated Technologies! We hope to serve you soon!