Introducing Albuquerque’s new source for client-first services

Welcome to RePixelated Technologies!

Located in the valley of the Rio Grande and next to the Sandia and Manzano Mountains in New Mexico, RePixelated Technologies gets its start in the Land of Enchantment’s biggest city, Albuquerque.

Why Albuquerque?

Simple. It’s the home of Owner Gene, me, and I’m on a mission – to bring about a change in the industries by providing Client-first services in the area. I hope to partner with local businesses to provide services and bring out the lost stars in Albuquerque. It is my goal that with this focus, we can make the City of Albuquerque better in time.

What services do you offer in the Albuquerque area?

A great question. All of them! Take a quick look here for a rundown of our offerings.

Where did RePixelated Technologies come from?

RePixelated Technologies is an outgrowth of two smaller “for-profit projects” I was doing. The first, and bigger focus, was called RePixelated, a Web design service that got its true start with the Theta-Zeta Chapter of Kappa Sigma – my college fraternity.

During my freshman year, I was given the task of simply updating the existing site. However, that wasn’t really working out for me, and I soon created the new Theta-Zeta Online (a name that has never stuck officially), which was considered ready for the public by June 2013. Since then, RePixelated has continued to manage the site, offering support and continuing services.  RePixelated even assisted with a refresh completed in the spring of 2015.

The other project, which has gone through a few revisions, lives on as Renstall Wireless. Renstall came from my own desire to tinker with my devices, and I figured I would share my knowledge with others. Rather than operating two different projects, I figured it would be a great idea to merge them into one unified business front, but operating as separate entities. Thus, RP Tech was born!

What can we expect from RePixelated Technologies?

You can always expect fair and open pricing. We aim to have the Client first in everything we do. From advertizing to the actual goods and services we offer, you can expect us to be on your side. You can also expect us to keep expanding. RP Tech has its sights set on a few big industries that need a lot of help. By sticking with and supporting our current missions, we can bring some serious change in the future with the bigger boys in tech.

Welcome to the RePixelated Technologies family. We hope you stick around and enjoy the ride!