RePixelated (Web Design) expands into RePixelated Technologies, adds new service

RePixelated is a small Web Design project that always puts the customer first. At this time, we are happy to announce that RePixelated has taken a new step and is introducing two new developments! The first is an adjustment, wherein RePixelated is now owned and operated as a division of the new RePixelated Technologies!

RePixelated Technologies restructuring

The restructuring into RePixelated Technologies allows for RePixelated (Web Design) to maintain its focus on that area, while also branching out into a new service area. RePixelated Technologies manages capital allocation and resources, and operates different Service Divisions. We hope this allows for future growth in an innovative and easily manageable way.

“RP Developers”

We are also happy to announce our new RP Developers Service Division. This division has begun operating, but still has some exciting changes coming! This name is only temporary; as we continue to launch RP Dev features, we will also continue to launch product names.

Why is this important?

With the RePixelated to RP Tech restructuring, adding RP Developers was made easier, and if RP Dev needs some financial and resource help, RP Tech can facilitate this with RePixelated resources.

We hope this helps us better serve our Clients and Customers better.

Welcome to the new RePixelated Technologies!