RePixelated Technologies introduces new logos

RePixelated Technologies is proud to unveil our new logos, logos that we have been working on for some time. With this change comes a more unique and bold look, in addition to a design that is more adaptable than before. As a business that focuses on the future, we noticed that our older designs did not favor the “Mobile Web,” and while working to adjust our work, we took the liberty of creating a brand new design.

Our design is simple in nature, and should be familiar to many designers. In this design, we take the circular approach to pixels, and used the color scheme that defines how many displays currently create colors – red, green, and blue. However, we chose to emphasize the blue color to align with our current scheme, while any real emphasis is done to the green in actual devices.

In addition to revamping the RePixelated Technologies logo, we also revamped the RePixelated logo. With this change, we sought to differentiate our core business with our namesake division, making each unique but related. The new RePixelated logo, which is also live, takes the concept of the globe and adds the RGB color scheme. Both logos share the same “Orbitron” font, which we chose for it’s bold look and cleaner style. (It’s also available as an open-source font.)

The new RePixelated Arts logo will be revealed at a later time, and we’ll finish updating all of our logos soon. We thank you for joining us as we continue on our adventure!