RePixelated Technologies welcomes new clients

RePixelated Technologies is happy to take on new clients, and invites more to join us on our journey. Our focus is the RePixelated division, handing Website services, such as Web Design and Management. We have prices posted at, but we also want to point out that we also have discounts available for those who qualify. If you’re looking for a new Website, or just advice on what technologies you should use for your new startup, look no further than RePixelated Technologies.

Digital Simplicity is ready to help your new business become digital-ready, with additional advice on ways to keep your data backed up and even increase your team’s productivity with other high-quality services. We even have an in-town partner to help bring your digital designs to life, from cut vinyl┬ádecals to large and durable banners.

With today’s online landscape, your Website is an important asset. Our team with Digital Simplicity will be more than happy to co-ordinate your project with our RePixelated team to bring you a visually stunning and mobile-ready design for you, all at a reduced cost for starting with Digital Simplicity.

Come, and join the RePixelated Technologies family.