RePixelated Technologies™ suspends Renstall Wireless™ Service Division

RePixelated Technologies regrets to announce the suspension of Renstall Wireless, as of September 1. The decision was made due to low performance and requests. However, while we are currently suspending the division, we will be retooling the service and hope to relaunch a rebranded Renstall Wireless by the end of 2017.

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Renstall Wireless launches in new market – Albuquerque, NM

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Renstall Wireless is proud to announce that it has introduced its service into a new market. Albuquerque is a unique market as it is the first market that the service launched in.

RePixelated Technologies Owner Gene commented that this decision was made due to geography and location. “RePixelated Technologies is based here in Albuquerque with me, so it is only natural that we begin operations here. It also allows for a closer observation of how Clients will interact with our new division and service before expanding to more active markets.”

When asked about those expansion plans, Gene commented that there are discussions on how to proceed. “We may enact a franchise model, and may even begin testing this method in another special place to me,” he responded.

We look forward to progressing further as a RePixelated Technologies division, and, as always, hope you will join the RePixelated family.