Digital Simplicity Disclaimer

RePixelated Technologies does not share your information without your consent. In order for us to deliver great service, we may occasionally need to share that information with select third parties.

This document serves as notice that RePixelated Technologies may share information related to our service referred to as “Digital Simplicity.”

Services that may share your information:

Physical Signage

Physical Signage

Any information provided to RePixelated Technologies in relation to a request for physical signage is provided to our third party partner, Signs by Tomorrow of Albuquerque (“SBT-Abq”). RePixelated Technologies will provide SBT-Abq with your contact information as provided. This allows SBT-Abq to contact you should there be issues with your order, or to advise that the order is ready. Should you not wish to have your information shared with SBT-Abq, please include the following statement with your request:
I do not authorize RePixelated Technologies to share my contact information with Signs by Tomorrow of Albuquerque. I understand that this may cause a delay in my project, and will not hold Signs by Tomorrow of Albuquerque or RePixelated Technologies at fault for issues caused by withholding this information.